How Will El Nino Impact Your Southern California Productivity?

Sep 08, 2023

Courier Services

How Will El Nino Impact Your Southern California Productivity?

El Nino and extreme weather conditions can cause serious disruptions in business operations.  Heavy rain and inclement weather can impact employee productivity, cause damage to property, and even result in accidents and injuries.  For companies located in typically 'dry' areas such as Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles & throughout Southern California in general, the potential risks associated with El Nino and extreme weather conditions are especially high.  However, there are steps that businesses can take to protect themselves and their employees from these risks, including hiring a courier service!  

Southern California is known for many things - great beaches, traffic, Disneyland and lots of sunshine - but heavy rains have crashed the party.  With El Nino here, or coming soon, the recent heavy rain fall will only increase.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management, severe weather conditions can cause employee productivity to decrease by up to 20%.  In addition, extreme weather can also lead to accidents and injuries...which can lead to downtime and less productivity.  This is only compounded if one of your employees also performs courier or delivery work!  

A courier service can absolutely help reduce liability for businesses.  Along with increased liability exposure, if packages, sensitive material or documents are in transit, they are vulnerable to damage or loss when not being transported correctly. 

Businesses and organizations throughout Southern California need to be prepared for the impacts of El Nino and severe weather conditions.  By hiring a courier service to manage shipping and deliveries - from mail to medical and everything in between - businesses can absolutely reduce their liability and minimize downtime during extreme weather.  More importantly, your employee's safety can be at risk while driving in severe rain.

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