Why MDS?

Why MDS?

It's simple. Our reliability, experience, and friendly dedicated drivers & staff.

Fully employed, uniformed & bonded MDS drivers will become part of your daily routine. As many customers have proclaimed, “we can set our clocks to the reliability of MDS drivers”!

Why MDS?

Reliable service has allowed MDS to provide mail, customized courier & dedicated delivery solutions throughout Southern California for over 65 years! Above all, we listen to you, and then customize routes that will meet your timing needs. Along with courteous & professional drivers, MDS has access to a fleet of trucks & vans that can accommodate a wide range of volumes and industries.

  • Cost of MDS can be less than using your employee while improving productivity
  • Competitive pricing and customized routing
  • MDS takes on the added risk, insurance coverage and liability, not you
  • All MDS drivers highly screened with additional training when necessary
  • Drivers in direct communication with managers & owner
  • Flexible vehicle leasing program with ability to immediately add necessary autos
  • Compliant with HIPPA regulations
  • Access to fleet tracking systems
  • Member of Certified Logistics and Delivery Association
  • Pitney Bowes Mail Pre-Sort Vendor

MDS has updated their fleet with high volume fuel efficient vans & trucks.

MDS van


“I would be happy to recommend MDS for delivery and mail service requirements, they will complete all work with great reliability, professionalism and courtesy”

Sue Bell Director of Administrative Services California State University, Chancellors Office