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Legal Delivery Services

Legal Delivery Services

MDS works with a wide cross section of insurance companies, financial institutions and law firms. We can create a variety of custom delivery solutions for a single location law firm to a multiple office insurance company. MDS follows tight regulations for handling sensitive material, provides additional driver training for handling your material, and understands the extreme importance of your documents.

  • Your mail & material will be delivered first thing in the morning
  • Interoffice deliveries by MDS will cut down your insurance risk and liability exposure
  • MDS drivers will be consistent, on time and courteous
  • MDS follows all HIPPA regulations and confidentiality requirements
  • Cost of MDS minimal when factoring your employee downtown and increased productivity

MDS understands the nuances of accessing secure office buildings & campuses and times your deliveries accordingly.

MDS van

Did you know? If your employee performs any delivery work, the moment they step into their car, you are liable.