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The Importance of Reliable Los Angeles & Orange County Couriers for Hospitals, Healthcare Organizations, Clinics & Medical Practices

Jul 12, 2023

Courier Services

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In today's world of maximizing efficiency & reducing overhead costs, hospitals, healthcare organizations, doctors offices, clinics & medical facilities require a dependable courier service to deliver essential packages & material on-time.  The growth of sprawling & dense areas throughout Orange County & Los Angeles, including Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa & Long Beach, has created a need for experienced & professional courier services such as MDS.  Outsoursourcing or choosing the correct courier service can save healthcare organizations time, money & resources, while reducing liability exposure.

There are many reasons to choose the correct courier:

Productivity & Efficiency Enhancement - the healthcare system is a complex system of many moving parts.  Putting it mildly, it is challenging to keep all the parts running smoothly, especially in a high pressure hospital or medical office.  Having a reliable courier service such as MDS can greatly help medical staff focus of their core goals of excellent patient care & treatment.

Cost Savings - handling courier services in-house can not only be expensive, but stressful.  From arranging the correct vehicle to securing the proper staff for driving, expenses & responsibilities can rack up quickly.  When you outsource courier requirements to a company such as MDS, we guarantee a dedicated driver with back-up drivers in place.  No longer do you need to worry about 'vacation time' drivers or 'sick day' drivers.  

Reduced Liability Exposure - when your staff or employee steps into their vehicle on 'company business', the employer may be responsible and liable for anything that happens in that car.  Does your insurance cover staff acting as a courier?  Some don't, and you'd be surprised what is actually covered by your insurance company.  When outsourcing courier services, this liability is greatly reduced and MDS' commercial insurance coverage handles courier services with ease.

Increased Flexibility - hospitals & healthcare organizations should be flexible in meeting their ever-changing logistics requirements.  Outsourcing courier requirements gives healthcare facilities the flexibility to adjust their delivery needs promptly and ensure a driver will show up when required.  

Security & Accountability - courier services are responsible for making sure deliveries are timely, secure & accurate.  Outsourcing courier services to the correct provider should guarantee accountability and transparency.  Prioritizing safety of the general public, customers & drivers should be the number one goal of any courier service.

Whether your healthcare organization has one or several locations in Orange County or the greater Los Angeles area, MDS would be more than happy to review your requirement and provide a timely & competitive proposal.  As a family owned business since 1956, we've assisted hospitals, medical organizations, clinics & doctor's offices throughout Los Angeles, Long Beach & Orange County! 

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