How do you drive in the rain? Southern California courier and mail delivery

Southern California driving in the rain

Mar 14, 2023


Southern California driving in the rain

Over the last few months Southern California has exceeded all rain fall and snow level expectations...with historical fashion!  When did we move to Seattle?  Driving in the rain can be far more stressful for folks who live in normally dry & hot communities like Long Beach & Los Angeles to Irvine & Orange County.  We're just not built for the rain.  And that's OK!

Courier and delivery drivers also need to adapt when conditions become slick & wet.  The best approach?  It's pretty straightforward.  Simply take your time, give more cushion to the car in front of you (aka don't tailgate), break sooner and try to be patient (yes, that can be tough).  Whether you're delivering mail or a custom courier pouch from Long Beach to Irvine, taking one's time while driving in the rain can make all the difference.  Yes, the roads are more slippery than usual.  Yes, visibility can be impaired.  But it can be taking your time.

According to the US Department of Transportation, car accidents on average increase by TWENTY PERCENT during rainy conditions.  Don't be in this category...and please take it easy while driving in wet conditions.  Enjoy your coffee and mellow tunes and 'get there when you get there'....then enjoy the snow capped San Gabriel Mountains!

MDS stresses the safety of our drivers and customers over everything else!  Do we aim to be on time?  Absolutely.  We just adapt and start things a bit earlier.  Whether you're a law firm, financial institution, hospital or healthcare organization needing custom courier or mail delivery service, MDS can help!  We've operated since 1956 and work with a variety of organizations in so many industries.  Please give us a call @ (562) 424-7974 should need assistance or want to compare our prices to your current provider!

Do you speed in the rain?