How to Know If You Need a New Medical Delivery Service Provider

Aug 05, 2021

Courier Services

How to Know If You Need a New Medical Delivery Service Provider

The concept of instant gratification is becoming a norm for manufacturers and supply chains trying to maintain or raise customer satisfaction. That means fast deliveries with 24 hours of ordering capabilities are now what many hospitals and patients expect. Here's a look at how a healthcare organization can evaluate its delivery service.

Need for Time Efficiency

A medical delivery service provider must offer speedy service since healthcare professionals cannot afford to waste time during medical emergencies. However, not all courier services are able to meet the challenges of accurate, speedy deliveries, so the healthcare organization must be careful about the firm it chooses. Missing delivery deadlines on a regular basis is unacceptable in the medical industry.

A third-party logistics company that can't regularly meet delivery deadlines should be replaced by a more experienced, reliable, and agile firm. Competition is heating up among courier services for industries like healthcare that require delivery expertise and a high level of privacy. Therefore, healthcare organizations should only consider an experienced third-party logistics provider that has served other medical professionals.

Signs of a High-Quality Delivery Service

No one, especially healthcare professionals, should take delivery for granted as an easy job. The following are some of the essential qualities a courier service should exhibit when contracting with a healthcare organization:

— Strong Customer Service: Many times, clear communication is the key that keeps logistics on track and customers satisfied. The delivery service must make a friendly presentation and be able to resolve disputes. Poor customer service, however, can cause a disconnect with customers, reducing business opportunities.

— Safe and Maintained Vehicles: The courier service needs to keep all vehicles in its fleet in good working condition and take vehicles out of commission when they need maintenance. Keeping the vehicles in good condition extends their durability and ensures safety. Courier services that neglect truck maintenance can end up dealing with accidents, litigation, and high repair expenses.

— Screened Drivers: It's important for a courier service to focus on hiring only drivers with good driving records since this information can affect commercial auto insurance rates. Carefully screening drivers reduces the chances of accidents, violations, and driving errors. In addition, drivers must be trained for medical deliveries and should be aware of HIPAA compliance for keeping patient information confidential. Avoiding this layer of scrutiny opens the door for higher risks and liabilities in the form of fines.

— Overall Experience: Make sure your courier service has been in business for many years so you can examine its track record. It helps to get references you can interview to determine if the company has had issues in the past.

If a courier service diverts drastically from these qualities, you should look at alternatives. Above all, remember that who you hire for deliveries could affect your company's reputation. Logistics teams for medical purposes must be ready at all times to handle emergencies.

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