How Patients Can Benefit From Pharmacy Delivery Services

Feb 10, 2022

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How Patients Can Benefit From Pharmacy Delivery Services

Have you ever compared a pharmacy delivery service with a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy? There are several advantages of choosing a modern pharmacy delivery service, with the most obvious one being they are often more personalized.

Here are five ways in which patients can benefit from these services.

  1. Patients Take Medications Correctly

    The term 'adherence' in the medical field refers to patients taking all their medications properly, as prescribed by their doctor. However, achieving this state can be difficult for individuals who take multiple prescriptions. When you buy medicine at a drug store, you risk buying from someone who isn't well trained and might mix up your order with someone else's.

  2. More Accurate Than Traditional Drugstores

    Modern pharmacy delivery services use smart technology to gain an edge over competitors who don't use it. They use IoT sensors to track mileage, location, vehicle condition, fuel level, and other delivery metrics. This electronic monitoring allows customers to track the status of delivery in real-time. Studies show that traditional drugstores have an error rate near 2 percent in issuing drugs, whereas a pharmacy delivery company typically has an error rate of less than 1 percent.

  3. Designed for Better Efficiency

    Efficiency is a crucial quality for delivery services, as it gives these firms a strong selling point over traditional pharmacies. Newer companies have studied key problems with drugstores to resolve patient pain points. While a traditional pharmacy might have a problem filling a large order, a delivery service that emphasizes customer service trains for accommodating various demand levels. Financially, the delivery service can potentially cut costs and improve patient satisfaction.

  4. Less Medical Waste

    Medical waste leads to serious environmental problems, as pharma drugs have appeared in water systems. If an individual purchases more pills than they need, they might dispose of them improperly. A surplus is sometimes the result of a pharmacy issuing the wrong volume of medication to the patient. By ordering drugs from a pharmacy delivery service, you'll reduce the chance of medical waste ending up in water systems or landfills.

  5. Cuts Costs

    Due to nonadherence, Americans spend up to $300 billion a year on medicine. Working with a more personalized delivery service allows you to reduce losses on drugs you don't use. The service will save you money by providing fair prices for more accurate deliveries.

Pharma delivery services help you get the right drugs at better costs because they tend to be more proactive than traditional pharmacies. Contact us at MDS for your mail and delivery needs in Orange County. We're ready to help you with reliable and efficient deliveries.